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  • Adam Richardson

What is Addiction? How to we heal from it?

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Dr. Gabor Mate on what addiction is and how we heal from it. If you are not familiar with his work, he is a physician whose work connecting early childhood trauma with addiction and disease has been groundbreaking. He has a wonderful way of breaking down complicated issues into easy to understand concepts. This short video is a wonderful summation of addiction and how to heal from it. Just beautiful stuff.

For anyone who is inspired and would like a deeper dive into his work, I have included an interview below which is a really nice summary of the breadth of his expertise. He touches on the connection between trauma and disease and the way that particular coping strategies that we learned in childhood to survive can manifest as both mental and physical illness later in life as they become maladaptive later on. This is a radical paradigm shift from the way that illness is currently understood in the medical community and his view is ultimately an empowering one. Finding the roots of illness in childhood trauma makes it easier to pinpoint where to put our attention, in that if we can heal these early childhood wounds and shift our perspective, the illness will naturally transform and we will manifest health.

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