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Adam Richardson

I have been actively studying the integration of world healing wisdom traditions and psychology for over 20 years, and as such, my practice is rooted in a western therapeutic model as well as a number of indigenous healing traditions.  Both of my master's degrees came from my studies at Naropa University, a Buddhist inspired university, so I have a deep appreciation and training in Buddhist Psychology and understanding of suffering. I was a Zen Buddhist practitioner for over a decade and engaged in koan study with a Zen master during that time.  I am a certified mindfulness instructor, and utilize mindfulness based practices in my therapeutic work. 


My Masters in Clinical Counseling deeply informs my clinical practice as I integrate trauma, development and attachment theory into the work that I do with clients.  This translates into my use of Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and somatic based modalities into the therapeutic session.  I have also completed an intensive African Shamanic Healing Wisdom two year training program with the African Elder and shaman, Malidoma Some.  This training helped me to understand the importance of integrating spiritual connection, ritual and meaning-making into the healing process.  

Being able to integrate both an indigenous understanding of suffering and mental illness with a western view of the psyche allows me to pull resources from a wide range of sources for your benefit, so sessions are tailor-made to who you are and what you are needing in the moment.  Whether we are engaging in traditional talk therapy or planning a healing ritual together, my commitment to you is to honor who you are: a unique expression of love and wisdom. I will help you connect with your innate healing potential, so that you can more fully live the life that you want.  


Adam's Experience and Qualifications

I have well over a decade of experience helping people of all ages struggling with mental health issues and difficult life transitions to find a deep sense of well being, love and connection with themselves and their world.  I began my therapeutic career working with elders with dementia, moved into hospice work and for the past 4+ years worked as a counselor at a residential addiction treatment center.  Because there is such an intimate connection between addiction and trauma, the heart of my work there was helping clients to heal the residual pain of traumatic events which contributed to their addictive process.  Whatever the setting, at the root of all the work that I do is a commitment to the emotional safety of the clients I work with and an appreciation of each individual's unique journey.

MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling Naropa University
M.Div. Naropa University
B.A. Religious Studies University of Oregon
M.I. Certified Meditation Instructor Shambhala International


Spiritual Counselor at CeDAR (Center for Dependency Addiction and Recovery)


Spiritual/Grief Counselor at TRU Hospice and Denver Hospice


Spiritual Counselor Resident at University of Colorado Hospital


Spiritual Counselor at Balfour Cherrywood Village - A Memory Care Facility


Mentor at AIM House - Residential Addiction Treatment

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